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Utility Software Resources: Utility software are programs that provides general, frequently needed services for computer users; for example, a diagnostic program; a trace program; a sort program. Also called: Web Utilities, System Utilities, Software Utilities, and Internet Utilities, est...

Utility software's are small program, or set of small programs, that supports the OS by providing additional services that the OS does not provide. Some services they commonly provide are: disk backup, disk optimization, file recovery, safe formatting, and resource editing

Utility software are designed to perform maintenance work on a system or on system components, e.g. utility software are storage backup programs, disk and file recovery programs, or a resource editor. In general utility software are software programs that provides additional functionality to your operating system.

Registry Clean Pro A utility that safely removes invalid entries from the Windows registry, thus optimizing the performance of your computer
AbleBits.com - Microsoft Outlook & Excel Add-Ins for general purposes Advanced Excel search & replace, navigation in Excel, access to hidden Excel functionality, formatting charts and pivot tables. Managing Outlook messages and attachments and more addins for Excel & Outlook. Free downloads for evaluation.
- Datahouse Software: Shareware or Buy Invoicing Database, Contact History & Management & More MS Access CRM Software to analyze information on your customers, suppliers, products, sales, and orders. DataHouse is a shareware invoicing database and is simple to use and affordable for any business. Create Quotations, Invoices and Purchase Orders in an instant. Manage Inventory and costing
Contact management and calendar creator software Contact management, calendar creator, anti-spam, home inventory, countdown, task and pim software
LostPassword.com - Passware - Password Recovery Software Passware is a utility software development and consulting company, dedicated to bring its customers wide selection of top quality password recovery tools and services.
Mom 'N' Pop's Software - CD-Roms, Software and Shareware Large Selection LOW Prices on IBM CD-Roms
Software Downloads Software and Shareware web library for downloads

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