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Today's responsible parents must use internet filtering software to protect their children from predators on the internet. Responsible parents need to know and monitor what their children are doing online, safeguard their privacy, stop pornography and other objectionable material from coming into their home, and limit their children's online avtivity.

The major film studios, television networks, and record labels have been forced by goverment legislation to restrict minors access to adult material. However, no such legislation has been passed covering the internet. We fully support the unrestricted right of any adult of legal age to view any legal content they so desire. But our children need to be supervised and restricted from either accidentally stumbling into an adults-only area on the internet, or being lured there by a predator.

Family and Online Resources Just-Linda provides family and safe online resources of interest, sorted by topics. Find details on higher education, home services, family vacations, finance and insurance needs, heath and medical services or just general reference. - Child Safety and Parenting Articles and News Kid Safe is one of the largest parenting resources on the web. We offer a huge collection of child safety articles and products that will keep your family safe and secure.

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