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Identity Theft Prevention

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Identity Theft Prevention
Identity theft is a fast growing, serious crime. Happens both online and offline. One of the ways that identity thieves collect personal and financial information about members of the public offline, is to sift through carelessly discarded trash. Many people throw bank statements, utility bills and other potentially sensitive documentation away without shredding it first.
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An identity thief can find enough about someone - just from their dustbin or mailbox - to steal their identity. Identity thieves steal personal and financial information online more purposely, with phishing attempts for example - but it is often as a result of carelessness and/or complacency, regarding personal and financial information.

Anti-Phishing Working Group, Stop Phishing and Email Scams Our mission is to provide a resource for information on the problem and solutions for phishing and email fraud.
Block Identity Theft Prevent identity theft and have piece of mind!. - Identity theft and identity fraud are rapidly growing types of financial crime. Millions of people on north American continent are victims of identity theft every year. Millions of dollars are stolen through the identity theft and identity fraud every year.
- Identity Theft - Prevention and Victim Help Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. Here is the help you need for prevention and recovery for victims
Identity Theft Advisor An online Protection Guide against identity theft. Advice on identity theft monitoring, prevention, protection and internet security
IdentityTheft.org - Identity Theft Prevention and Survival Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America; 9.9 MILLION victims were reported last year, according to a Federal Trade Commission survey!
WiredSafety - The world's largest Internet safety, help and education organization. WiredSafety, Is A 501(c)(3) Program and the largest online safety, education and help group in the world. We are a cyber-neighborhood watch and operate worldwide in cyberspace through our more than 9,000 volunteers worldwide. (WiredSafety is run entirely by volunteers.)

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