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Anti-Trojan Resources
Trojans, also called a Trojan horse, are software programs in which harmful or malicious code are contained within another (seemingly harmless) programs. When this program executes, the Trojan spyware performs a specific set of actions, usually working toward the goal of allowing itself to persist on the target system. Trojans can allow hackers to open backdoors on your system, giving them access to your files and even network connectivity. A Trojan is a computer program that disguises itself as a useful software application that is actually used to gain access to your computer. Unlike a virus, Trojan horses do not replicate themselves but they can be just as destructive.-- Trojans virus or worms are destructive programs that masquerades as innocent applications. They are also known as back-door viruses as they are designed to allow their owners (other internet users) to gain access to your PC, to access your data, control your programs and even grab your passwords!.

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Anti-Trojan.Org - Protect Your PC This site is intended to be a resource for everything trojan related. - Originally started in 1997, and redeveloped in 2004, is the worlds largest non profit trojan information site.

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