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Spyware is everywhere: It infects 9 out of 10 Internet-connected computers. - It seriously disrupt your computer operations and compromise your privacy. Spyware makes your computer's performance and Internet access slow to a crawl. Spyware in your computer is an open gate for virus infections and hackers intrusions

Spyware infections corrupt hard drive and switch-off your internet connection. But worst, Spyware leads to exposure of your private information, usernames and passwords, or, at its worst, identity theft.

Anti-virus and firewall fail to protect: The best antivirus and firewall software are a must, but are not capable of stopping spyware. Firewalls can't detect spyware that is embedded in legitimate programs, or protect a user from already existing internal threats. Anti-virus software is not programmed to recognize or remove spyware programs, which possess different signature files and behaviors.

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